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Forschung im Technologiepark Villach

The tpv Technology Park Villach is an internationally renowned location for advanced technology. For about 20 years, it has combined development, science, and education in one place, promoting successful networking among the established companies, research centers, and educational institutions located there.

A particular focus of the park lies in the area of research and development. Alongside various research-strong companies and competence centers, such as Silicon Austria Labs, Intel Austria, and KAI, several laboratories and four research centers of the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences have also been established there. These contribute significantly to the innovative strength and competitiveness of the Technology Park Villach, making it an attractive location for companies and professionals in the technology industry.



The Technology Park Villach is home to several renowned research institutions, each specializing in different fields.

One of the top Austrian research centers located in the Technology Park is Silicon Austria Labs (SAL), specializing in electronics-based systems (EBS). SAL conducts application-oriented cooperative research in areas such as Sensor Systems, Power Electronics, RF Systems, System Integration Technologies, and Embedded Systems. The research center is closely linked with the technology companies, educational institutions, and start-ups in the tpv and possesses highly equipped testing laboratories and clean rooms, including Austria's largest research clean room.

Another company with a focus on research and development in the tpv is KAI Kompetenzzentrum Automobil- und Industrieelektronik GmbH. This research center, focused on the automotive sector, is a subsidiary of Infineon Technologies Austria AG. Its core competencies include the development of power electronics reliability test concepts, advanced semiconductor material research, statistical lifetime modeling, and multiphysical FEM simulation.

Furthermore, as part of the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, the following four research centers have also been launched in the Technology Park:

  • The CiSMAT Research Center is a competence center for Smart Materials, researching and developing innovative solutions for the industry and the society of the future. It works closely with companies, supports the transformation process towards a more efficient, safer, and greener industry. Its also offers training for R&D experts in the field of Smart Materials.
  • CIME is another renowned research center in the Technology Park Villach. The competence center is dedicated to the development and research of integrated electronic systems. It collaborates closely with the Department of Integrated Systems and Circuit Design (ISCD) as well as other departments of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology and has been active in the research of wireless and wired communication as well as integrated sensors for more than 20 years.
  • The ADMiRE Research Center is an institution specialized in additive manufacturing, intelligent robotics, sensors, and engineering. The research focuses on materials, design, processes, and applications, with a particular emphasis on sustainability. The center aims to promote additive manufacturing as a manufacturing technology in line with the Green Deal while ensuring easy access for all.
  • The Institute for Applied Research on Ageing (IARA) is the first research center founded at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences. It specializes in applied research on aging and contributes to exploring the challenges and potentials of an aging society.
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The Baulabor in the Science and Energy Labs
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Students researching at CUAS
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The EMV Labor on its new site in Villach


The Technology Park Villach also houses highly specialized laboratories that make a significant contribution to the development and safety of modern technologies.

The Baulabor (Construction Laboratory) is a state-of-the-art research facility specializing in the testing and certification of construction materials and structures. Among others, the departments of Building Physics, Building Material Technology, and Structural Engineering of the Faculty of Civil Engineering & Architecture of the university are located here. The laboratory conducts extensive tests to ensure the quality and safety of construction materials, thus significantly contributing to ensuring construction standards.

Another laboratory in the Technology Park Villach is the EMV Labor (EMC Measurement and Test Laboratory), a certified testing laboratory for electromagnetic compatibility. It provides companies with the opportunity to test their products for electromagnetic compatibility and ensure that they comply with applicable standards. As an important partner for companies in the electronics and communication technology sectors, the EMC Laboratory plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth interaction among electronic devices and minimizing interference.

As part of the expansion of the Technology Park, the High Tech Campus has been expanded with a second building and new laboratory infrastructure. In the new building, mainly used by the main tenant Silicon Austria Labs, Austria's largest research clean room is now located. The 1,100 square meter clean room is the centerpiece of the new building, allowing cutting-edge research in the field of electronics-based systems at the highest level. The official opening is planned for October 2023.


With its research centers and laboratories, the Technology Park Villach offers a diverse range of facilities and provides a unique infrastructure that is invaluable for both academic research and companies. Through their state-of-the-art facilities and the expertise of the experts, these institutes significantly contribute to promoting innovation, quality assurance, and technological advancement.