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view of the tpv area with a construction site


Discover the history of tpv, here in a quick summary.

The history of tpv began around 120 years ago. Here you can read the most important dates and facts about what has happened since then, and how a pulp mill has turned into an international campus.


Founding of the Pulp Mill

In 1902 the green light was given for the Villach/St. Magdalen industrial area. With the opening of the cellulose processing factory in St. Magdalen bei Villach, the Magdalen site became the most important business location in the Alps-Adriatic region.

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Pulp mill St. Magdalen


Closure of the Pulp Mill

Due to falling global market prices, management mistakes, and frequently changing ownership, the St. Magdalen pulp mill closed in 1989.



Acquisition of Existing Areas

In order to have access to a large contiguous area, the City of Villach purchased not only the land owned by the former pulp mill but also additional land owned by private individuals.

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Old view on the former pulp mill in Villach


Founding of the “Electronic Park Villach GmbH” EPV

In order to keep up in the future as a strong business and development site, the City of Villach established the “EPV” and focused from the beginning on the three-pillar model as a core concept: research & development, high quality education & continuing education, and innovative companies.



Urban Design Competition Technology Campaign

The City of Villach announced an urban design competition for the tpv. The “urLaub” design concept from the Graz architecture firm Kletzl won.



Breaking ground on Building T01

Ground was successfully broken for the building “T01” in the year 2000, which the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences subsequently moved into.



Opening of tpv

In September 2001 the leaseholders - Carinthia University of Applied Sciences - Technikum Carinthia, CTR AG, and companies such as Micronas or addIT - moved into Building “T01”.

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The building of the Carinthian Unversity of Applied Sciences campus in Villach


Completion of Building T02

The priority for the new building was attracting high-tech companies from the fields of microelectronics, geomatics, telecommunications and information technology, and renewable energy. Principle leaseholders were INTEL and KAI.

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vista with a view on both buildings T01 and T02


WIFI Villach moves into tpv

In November 2004 the regional office of the Chamber of Commerce and WIFI Villach moved into the Technology Park in Villach-St. Magdalen.



Opening of the Science & Energy Labs of the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences

The new laboratory center on the Villach campus opened in June 2010 and offers students the largest and best-equipped laboratory in southern Austria.

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Students in front of the building in which the Science & Energy Labs are located


Opening of the STUWO Student Residence

The opening of the new student residence in October 2012 helped further internationalize the tvp campus.

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Student housing located at tpv


T.I.P.S. GmbH Moves to the Site

The company T.I.P.S. (Technical Innovation – Physical Solutions) Messtechnik moved into its own building in the Technology Park Villach.

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Main entrance of the company T.I.P.S in tpv


Opening of Gemeinnützige Personalservice Kärnten GmbH (GPS)

In September 2014 the skilled workers training center moved into its new site in the Technology Park.

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Chancellor Werner Faymann hands apprentices the key to their workshop


Breaking Ground on the HTCV

Carinthia took a further step onto its future path and began the first phase of construction on the High Tech Campus (HTC) Villach. Subsequently, companies like Silicon Austria Labs, build! start-up incubator, and the university’s Department of Technology and IT moved in.

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Breaking ground for the building site of the High Tech Campus Villach


Construction Begins on the Building “BA02”

The second phase of construction on HTCV High Tech Campus Villach started in March 2021. The main leaseholder will be SAL Silicon Austria Labs GmbH, with office and laboratory spaces as well as a cleanroom.

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Building site with a crane at tpv


Opening of the Building “BA02”

In June 2022, the second building of the High Tech Campus Villach was handed over to its main tenant Silicon Austria Labs.

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The new building BA02 in Technology Park Villach


Installation of the New Visitor Guidance System

At the end of 2022, the first part of the new visitor interior guidance system was installed in the tpv. For this purpose, the building surfaces were labeled alphabetically throughout and oversized, illuminated letters were placed.

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Big letter for the new visitor guiding system in the Technology Park Villach


What the future holds

The construction of a river stand and river terrace, new communications and shared spaces, a unified green area concept, a new parking garage with up to 600 parking spots and a pre-school with a mini educational lab are all new constructions to look forward to. Additionally, the planning and construction of buildings BA03 and BA04 are happening soon.

Renerding river terrace tpv