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Scientist is researching with a microscope

Reserach & Development

Building from the three-pillar model of education & training, research & development, and business & industry at one location, there is also the opportunity to take advantage of synergies, join forces, and create a framework for constructive communication at tpv in a clearly defined way.

International companies with a focus on research & development have established themselves in tpv. In addition to Silicon Austria Labs GmbH, there are key players like Intel and KAI, the research association of the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, and many more. Together, the employees are engaged in applying new knowledge and understanding in such a way that current processes and procedures are refined and existing products are continuously improved.

More information about all companies in tpv that are active in the fields of research & development can be found here.

Scientists talk about their results
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© SAL | Helge Bauer
Researcher next to a microscope
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Close-up of a hand that shows a micro chip
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Two researchers in the office