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AFRY building site


The third pillar, alongside education & training and research & development, represents the economy. It is possible at this location to rent space in one of the existing buildings or to buy land on-site and construct your own building. The prerequisite for this is a business in one of the clearly defined areas of microelectronics, electronics, mechatronics, mechanical engineering, renewable energy, information and communications technology, as well as suppliers and services in these fields.

Companies that are already on-site range from centers of excellence, training and educational organizations, accommodation facilities, and service enterprises, all the way to great catering companies.

The City of Villach’s aggressive business location and technology campaign has created an environment for innovation, and through the high quality of life and a great site, has paved the way for a framework for dynamic growth - with great success!

Learn more about the companies in tpv that are active in the fields of industry & business.

The buildings of CTR, WKO and the FH at tpv
© Stadt Villach | Karin Wernig
Building of the economic chamber at the WIFI at vista
Worker at high-voltage lines
© Jürgen Pawlovsky
The start-up incubator of the FH Villach in front of the Science & Technology Labs