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Economy reading time: 5 min publication date: 21.09.2023


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Besuch der Thailändischen Botschafterin im Technologiepark Villach

The tpv Technologiepark Villach and its innovative facilities on-site are attracting increasing interest well beyond the borders. In the last August, we had the privilege of welcoming high-ranking delegations from Slovakia and Thailand to the location.



On August 16th, a Slovakian delegation, led by Ing.in Helena Virčíková (Advisor to the World Bank), along with representatives from the Ministry of Regional Development, Investments and Informatization, Transnational Programs, Spatial Planning and Environment, Educational Management and Development, visited the tpv Technologiepark Villach.

During the visit, the delegation received an overview of the tpv Technologiepark Villach, provided by tpv Coordinator Sabine Domenig. The guests also gained insights into SAL Silicon Austria Labs GmbH (Thomas Ladstätter and Christian Mentin), the Silicon Alps Cluster (Michael Zwantschko), the build! Gründerzentrum (Henrik Fißmann), the KAI Competence Center for Automotive and Industrial Electronics (Josef Fugger), the WIFI, and the Technical Vocational School Villach (Bernhard Plasounig and Josef Stocker), as well as Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (Winfried Egger).

In addition to the networking of research, business, education, and training at the tpv site, the delegation showed great interest in the wide range of offerings at the tpv location.

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Group picture in tpv with the delegation from Kosice


On August 25th, the Thai Ambassador, Vilawan Mangklatanakul, visited the tpv Technologiepark Villach, accompanied by the Minister Counsellor/Industrial and other participants. Their primary interest was in tpv in general, as well as SAL Silicon Austria Labs GmbH and Carinthia University of Applied Science (CUAS).

In addition to a brief introduction to tpv with its three-pillar model and clear technological focus (presented by tpv Coordinator Sabine Domenig), CEO Christina Hirschl and Thomas Ladstätter provided the visitors with a tour of the SAL Research Center for Electronics-Based Systems (ebs). Furthermore, the guests visited the Science & Energy Labs of CUAS, where they received an overview of the study offerings and research activities presented by Winfried Egger.


These two visits exemplify the international recognition that the tpv Technologiepark Villach now enjoys within the global community, thanks to its innovative research centers, strong educational institutions, and successful corporate collaborations.