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Infrastructure reading time: 3 min publication date: 23.08.2023


© Gert Steinthaler
Panoramabild vom Technologiepark

Best possible infrastructure: The tpv Technology Park will be connected to the international data highway.


The tpv Technologiepark Villach is about to take a major step in development: in Autumn it will be connected to the international data highway network. This is a global system of high-performance cable connections. They ensure the highest level of transfer. There are already two High performance Data Highways existing in Villach and they are crossing in the South of Villach.The implementation of a seven kilometer long connecting line will begin in Autumn.

"With the connection to the data highway, we are ensuring future-proof framework conditions for further development in the technology park," says Mayor Günther Albel. The central element is open access for third parties. The highway connection is made possible by a cooperation between the city of Villach and the national company "Breitbandinitiative Kärnten GmbH" (BIK).

The city provides empty piping. BIK brings in the cables, which saves a large part of the civil engineering costs, since no excavation work has to take place. There are no additional costs for Villach.