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Neues Kunstwerk im Technologiepark Villach

Apprentices and students created a new artwork that now adorns the entrance area of the tpv Technology Park Villach. The artistic direction was led by Anita Wiegele and Samuel Grasser.


A new artwork was ceremoniously unveiled at the entrance area of the tpv Technology Park Villach. It is part of the new guidance and control system, which enhances the significance of the tpv and the companies and institutions located there.

The approximately 16 x 2.2 meter wall was artistically designed by apprentices from the GPS Training Center/bfi and the company comprei Reinraum-Handel und Schulungs GesmbH, as well as students from FH Kärnten. About 20 young individuals creatively expressed their thoughts, perceptions, and ideas in this project. Anita Wiegele and Samuel Grasser, as artistic directors, merged the individual works into one large community project.



Mayor Günther Albel said: "I would like to thank all those involved, especially the young creatives, for engaging with the theme and creating many wonderful artworks. This project connects art and technology. The tpv Technology Park Villach is known for research, business, and of course, education. Therefore, it made sense to implement the project together with apprentices and students from these fields. This further strengthens their identification with the location."

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"The visual and artistic enhancement of the entrance area is part of the 'tpv Guidance and Control System' project. This increases the significance of the tpv and the companies and institutions located there, making the focus on research and development, education and training, and business clearly visible from afar."


- Construction Consultant and City Councilor Harald Sobe

Thanks to the company Fundermax, the artwork was produced on 14 durable panels specifically designed for outdoor use as custom prints. Herrnhofer Metall ensured the proper and perfect installation on the metal structure at the gate of the tpv Technology Park Villach.

The project was implemented under the direction of Sabine Domenig (tpv) and the technical management of the Civil Engineering Department with Gerhard Duschnig from the city of Villach.

© Stadt Villach | Karin Wernig
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